Oh No! Type 2 Polio Virus Strain Can Cause More Damage Than Before, But How? Has The Virus Evolved? Details, Inside

A significant number of experts and pediatricians in Jaipur, India have recently expressed their concern over children being exposed to Type 2 virus strain of polio after it was found that the state has been reeling under shortage of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). Before the situation has happened, it was found that children are being given the IPV for protection against Type 2 polio virus strain. However, after there has been a shortage of IPV, the health department has only been able to administer oral polio vaccine (OPV) for Type 1 and Type 3 virus strains to children.

Type 2 Polio Virus Strain Can Cause More Damage Than Before, Here's How

According to reports revealed by Times Of India, the OPV that is usually given as a means of primary protection against the virus cannot be used against Type 2 virus strain. The World Health Organization has already clarified that the virus has been eradicated from the country; however, experts and pediatricians alike have also expressed their fear by saying that the type 2 strain still poses a big threat.

Furthermore, in one of his statements reported by Healthworld, pediatrician and neonatologist Dr. Tarun Patni believes that all newborns, who have not received IPV, are exposed to the risk of infection. Patni, who also happens to be a state representative of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IPA), has also revealed that only IPV can give protection against Type 2 strain. Meanwhile, Rajasthan, a northern Indian state bordering Pakistan has been found to be in the middle of its crucial fight against polio as it shares the boundary with Pakistan where new cases of polio are still being reported to date. On the other hand, in one of her interviews, Narottam Sharma, chief medical health officer for Jaipur has also revealed that health authorities have already alerted the center about IPV shortage.


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