Boy Raises $13,000 By Selling His Collection Of Baseball Cards For Friends With Cancer

By Joana Verdeflor , Jan 13, 2017 09:36 PM EST

Brady Kahle learned that two of his friends were diagnosed with cancer so he decided to sell off his collection of baseball cards to raise money for their support.

Since 3 years old, Kahle started collected baseball cards. When two of his friends have been diagnosed with cancer, he offered his prized collection of baseball cards for sale. Since February 2016, he was able to raise more than $13,000.

Kahle's Card Collection: Cards For A Cause

Kahle sells his collection of cards at his booth, "Cards for a Cause" during Chicopee Boys & Girls Club card shows. "I just had a lot of baseball cards and I wanted to help them out," said Kahle from Springfield, Massachusetts.

"Proudly seems like such a small word for what we feel," his mom, Jessie Kahle told ABC News. "How selfless he's been has been pretty incredible. The way he's so proud of what he's doing. He's always coming up with new ways to make it better and make it bigger. He's so excited to make a difference."

Beating Cancer With Baseball Cards

Peter Manzi was diagnosed with leukemia in December 2015. Landen Palantino, 8 was also diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2016. Both were Kahle's friends. "It's gone around the world; we've had donations from France, Mexico, Canada," according to Jim Kahle, Brady's grandfather.

"Most children Brady's age would never want to give up cherished items and the fact that Brady wanted to sell his beloved cards to help us, is beyond heartwarming," Tina Palatino, mother of one of his friends, told ABC News. "Landen has always looked up to Brady and I think this just makes him look up to him even more."

Kahle was given recognition because of his baseball card collection from "Upper Deck." This was part of the company's Heroic Inspirations campaign last fall. Now not every boy will do that for his friends. Certainly, Kahle is a gift to his family and friends.

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