Headless Crocodiles Found In Tomb

By Rodney Rafols , Jan 14, 2017 01:37 AM EST

Discoveries of ancient sites give people today an insight of what happened back in time. Some of the discoveries have changed the way people look at ancient history. One of those are the headless crocodiles that have been found in a tomb recently.

Archeology give people a glimpse of how the world lived back then. Some of them could solve mysteries, but others usually provide more questions. In Egypt, 12 new tombs have been discovered. The tombs have been discovered with various remains in them.

Human remains were naturally found in the tombs. Ancient Egyptian custom also had others placed there, such as the remains of various animals. Some animals have been important to ancient Egyptian religious belief. The tombs featured the remains of goats with punctured skulls. A cat was also found, and two headless crocodiles as well.

The tombs are said to be around 3,400 years old. John Ward is the assistant director of the Gebel el Silsila Project. He has said that the human remains were likely that of quarry workers. Some of them also seem to indicate to have received medical attention then. The remains of the sheep, or possibly that of goats, might have been put their as sacrifice, according to Fox News.

There was also a body of a cat which had its own crypt. Cats had been part of ancient Egyptian belief, having been identified with Bastet. Two headless crocodiles have also been found. It is not certain if the crocodiles there were put on purpose or have simply washed up there. It is not yet certain why the crocodiles were there, as AOL News reports.

Crocodiles though have also been important in ancient Egypt, as they represent Sobek, which had been represented as having a human body and crocodile head. Other items that have been found include amulets, necklaces and ceramic pieces. Ward has said that it an archeologist's dream to have discovered a tomb in Egypt.

Egypt has much sites that are waiting to be discovered. The sites would likely have some mystery there, such as the headless crocodiles found in a tomb there. Large cows could be seen in Europe once more.

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