Large Cows Might Be Seen In Europe Once More

Cows are common in almost any place. Cows have been an important part in the growth of civilization. Some of them have become extinct though over the centuries. Large cows might soon be seen in Europe once more.

A large type of cow not seen in Europe in a long time might soon make its appearance once more. This cow is large, and is said to be as large as an elephant. The auroch has been around for 250,000 years, though it has been extinct since 1627.

There are efforts now to bring the auroch back. This started in 2008, when geneticists were trying to breed descendants of the auroch. That was when they realized that producing the auroch from the cows today could be possible.

Seeing the auroch back might take some time though. Breeding would have to be done until the seventh generation before a viable auroch could be produced. That means people will likely see it back by 2025. Breeds up to the fourth generation have already been made though, and some countries such as Spain, Croatia and Romania already have them.

Ronald Goderie of the Tauros Project has said that progress has already been made. The looks and behavior of the auroch is almost there, and domestication is also almost achieved, according to Fox News. There is hope that the auroch would once again be made part of the ecosystem.

There is still some apprehension though. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has said that it is doubtful if the auroch's habitat still exists. The auroch once was found in wetland forests. There is also concern how it would impact other wildlife in the areas where it would be found, as Newser reports.

Bringing animals that have been extinct can be exciting, though there are risks as well. Much of the balance of the ecosystem would be changed with the reintroduction of such animals into the wildlife. However, large cows might be seen in Europe once more. A new species of gibbon have been found by scientists.

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