Fewer Rep Workouts Can Also Give Good Results

Most people who go to the gym try to maximize their time there by having long workouts. There are those though who don't have much time for a long workout program. Fewer rep workouts though can also give good results, as a study has shown.

Many people have the excuse of not doing exercise since they have no time. A study though has shown that a workout with fewer but more intense repetitions can have benefits. The researchers from Scotland's University for Sporting Excellence have looked into studies that show the benefits of regularly performed repetitions.

In their study, they have found that such activities as fewer repetitions on a sprint bike could have good results for cardiorespiratory fitness. People often say that the reason they do not exercise much is lack of time, as said by Dr. Niels Voltaard, lecturer at the Health and Exercise Science at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sports. To address this, high intensity programs are being promoted to shorten workout time.

Dr. Voltaard has explained that fewer sprint repetitions can give the same good results. He has said that the research has found very short but intense workouts can be done which would not compromise the workout itself. Workout convention has previously said that a longer workout time with more repetitions should give much benefits, according to the University of Stirling's site.

Dr. Voltard has said that they would next investigate the reason as to why this is happening. He has said that the team would next find the optimal amount of time needed for such short but intense workouts. While such short intense workouts are possible, so far the study has been done for supramaximal exercises, which would need a special type of bike, as Science Daily reports.

It could not be discounted though that short but intense workouts could have much benefits. The study has shown that fewer rep workouts can also give good results. A study has also shown that weekend warriors might have some benefits as well.

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