A Smartwatch Can Tell If A User Will Be Sick Days Before

A group of researchers at Stanford University has some great news for the smartwatch fans. They have just discovered a combination of certain vital signs, which were gathered from the Basis B1 and Basis Peak. The algorithms that were calculated from the watches kept alongside can help to determine when a person is about to catch cold days before someone gets sick.

The smartwatch would be using stats like heart beat and skin temperature to record the vital signs of the person's body and indicate first signs of an incoming illness. During the intensive research, the researchers gathered details from about 40 volunteers who wore the watch for about two years. The Info gathered after the research showed that the people exhibited a very unusual pulse and warm than average skin temperatures before the actual signs of cold or any infection. As studied, the tech could tell up to three days in advance before any symptoms would actually show up by itself.

In order to ensure that their readings were correct or not, they took up two applications along with the two basis devices that are Scanadu health tracker and Masimo iSp02 to check the pulse and skin temperature and also monitor blood oxygen levels. The researchers recently said that if the heart rate and skin temperature were elevated for about two hours then there would be good chance that the person is getting sick.

However, it would be very difficult for them to use Basis Peak for testing as Intel discontinued and recalled the device due to overheating issues back in August. It also did shut down the accompanying services. The university is hoping to develop certain algorithms that would allow sending the notifications whenever one might be coming down with something. This would be an interesting innovation and something worth waiting for.

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