Panasonic Unveils HOSPI, An Autonomous Delivery Robot

Panasonic has built an Autonomous Delivery System robot, called HOSPI. The robot has been designed mainly to serve people so that it can provide hospitality to all its customers.

What Does The Robot Feature?

The robot is said to be giving bus directions according to the reports. HOSPI would be at the Narita International Airports where it would be collecting used dishware in the airport lounge. Panasonic has said that there are still no plans to install these robots in any location permanently. The company describes it as a delivery machine that just uses certain mapping info with the collision avoidance algorithm and along with some of sensors to get around. There are like four hospitals in the world using the robot for carrying medicine and other bits around the campus. It is basically an indoor delivery robot, helping guests at a hotel in Japan where the robot would be serving bottled water.

What Does It Look Like?

With all the demonstrations shown it is quite clear that it is capable of serving customers in hospitality field everywhere. In addition, it is already in use in Japan where it is delivering medicines and supplies to patients and hospital staffs. The robot is five feet tall with a small head and a boxy body with no neck. It has screen on the face, which displays a simple smile showing kindness. It is capable of giving announcement from its speaker system. It is very similar to Savioke's relay robot, which was designed for delivering items to room in hotels.

HOSPI is different from other hospitality robots like SoftBank's Pepper , which is not constructed to carry things like the HOSPI. It is doing a remarkable job with the customers around and helping them with the best possible way it is designed for.

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