Japan’s Pepper Robot Is Finally Coming To America

Two years ago, Pepper Robot was made and developed in Japan. The said robot is developed by SoftBank Robotics. The robot is said to identify people's emotions and reactions. Hence, these robots are used in Japan for assistance in giving food and etc. to the customers. Nevertheless, Pepper Robot is coming to America.

According to a post via First Coast News, Pepper Robot will be in the American shores later this year. The reason is that the creators of the robot want the help of the Android developers to make it smarter. SoftBank Robotics announced in Google's annual developer's conference that it is opening a Pepper-focused outpost in San Francisco, and unveiling a software developer kit, hoping to lure and encourage programmers to make codes for the robot. In addition, the robot is not complete yet. The creators wanted to expand the ways in which people will be able to engage with a humanoid robot.

Pepper is a white robot with humanoid features like big eyes and arms, and it has a screen in its chest. The robot processes visuals and vocal inputs making it recognize human emotions.

The purpose is that this will eventually become a genuine humanoid companion created to communicate to a person naturally and intuitively. These Pepper robots are already deployed in Japan commercially. These help greet customers in a bank, helps take orders at fast foods and discusses car model in details.

According to Mashable Asia, it will be first opportunity for the Android community to develop programs for this robot on this platform. In addition, since Android has a huge development community, it is just perfect that the robot will be developed using Android platforms.

The creators were asked if it could be done in iOS platform. They just answered that they are not closing the door for such possibility. But for now, Android is the perfect platform for it. For more reading information about it, go here.

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