Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Wii U: How The Switch Will Succeed Where Wii U Failed

By Edge Ison , Jan 16, 2017 02:43 AM EST

It is a fact that the Nintendo Switch was inspired by the Wii U. But most of the comparisons end there.

The company said before that the Switch is not a replacement of the Wii. This means the Wii franchise will still continue though how it will rise above the failure of the Wii U is still up n the air.


The two consoles look almost identical. The tablet-like Switch sports a 6.2-inch screen sandwiched by the two controllers or Joy-Cons. The Switch main console is placed in a dock when played on a huge screen.


The Nintendo Switch has more power than the Wii U. During the Switch presentation, there was no mention of the hybrid console's power but is known to have a certain NVIDIA Tegra processor. The Wii U comes with a chip that was custom-built by AMD, IBM, and Renesas which is less powerful.


The Switch has a 1280 x 720-pixel display while the Wii U comes with 854 x 480 resolution. When docked the Switch can be played in 1080 Full HD resolution while the Wii U cannot.


Despite the criticism circling the Switch's low memory, it still wins this round over its Nintendo predecessor. The Switch comes with 32GB of memory which can be expanded. The Wii U came in either 8GB or 32GB memory both with the capability to expand using a microSD.


The Joy-Cons probably took the spotlight away from the whole console because of its many uses and new innovations such as the built-in motion sensors and Rumble HD. The Joy-Cons can be played on their own, with a Joy-Con strap, snapped together, on the main console or as part of the Joy-Con Charging Grip. A separate Switch Pro Controller is also available for $69.99. The problem, according to Mic, is that the Switch does not support older Nintendo controllers.

The Wii U sported a gamepad and had separate controllers, as well, which had support for the Wii Remote and its accessories.


The Switch and Wii U both cost $299.99 during their respective launches. The Wii Deluxe sold for $349.99. Now, the deluxe version of the Wii U costs $299.99.

The Verdict

It's a hands-down victory for the new Nintendo console. The hybrid Switch has some issues of its own but it is generally better than the Wii U.



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