Astronaut Hides Evidence Of UFO Passing ISS, UFO Hunters Claim

UFO hunters have made allegations against NASA for covering up evidence after a video of an astronaut filming aboard ISS with some appearance of mysterious light flashes have made rounds in the internet. UFO enthusiasts are claiming that the astronaut deliberately covered the camera with his hand as mysterious flashes of light zoomed by the space station. The light flashes swiftly come and go across the camera's point of view, requiring the pause button to clearly see what the hype is really all about.

The UFO video was posted on YouTube by SecureTeam10 which describes itself as the best source of UFO news and sightings, government UFO cover ups, and strange things that are happening in and out of this world. Tyler Glockner, a member of the group, gives narration of this particular video that shows how the astronaut hides evidence as an unknown light passes through the space station. The video shows a view of outer space from the angle of the ISS.

The UFO looks very small and barely noticeable in the video, but Glockner and his team slows down and zooms in the passing flying object. The first time it passes, Glockner points out this is the time when the astronaut covers the camera's lens with his hand. The light passes the second time from another direction, and the astronaut covers the camera with his gloved hand once again, the Mirror reports.

Finally, you can see that the astronaut pointed the camera sideways to film the other side, away from where the mysterious light flashes repeatedly passed by. This is not the only time, the group states, that incidence like this have occurred. Last July, a series of allegations and claims have plagued NASA as to why their space feeds sometimes blacked out, the Inquisitr says.

NASA never offers comment on UFO sightings but they offered explanations that time which does not necessarily admit or deny the existence of aliens. UFO and mysterious light sightings have recently gotten a lot of people excited lately, including ones caused by natural phenomenon as described in the earlier report. With the video posted on YouTube where the astronaut hides evidence of potential alien life, and other recent sightings, a new kind of interest on UFOs can be observed among alien hunters.

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