Alien Lights Appear Over Canada, Striking Phenomenon Stuns Residents

A father was woken up in the wee hour of the morning by his crying son and saw the multi-colored alien lights outside his house in Ontario, Canada. On January 6, Timmy Joe Elzinga, 33, immediately took his smartphone outside and started taking photos of the light pillars. He said that looking at the bright beams reminded him of Star Trek, like somebody is "beaming up" people.

At 1:30 in the morning, Elzinga was running around his front yard, excitedly taking photos of the unusual light occurrence. Despite living in the northern hemisphere for years, he has never seen anything like the pillar lights before. He was not aware of such phenomenon so when he saw these amazing pastel-colored beams of alien lights surrounding his neighborhood, he immediately thought of an alien vision.

"It looked almost supernatural - like some kind of intergalactic wars, with beams shooting down from the sky", he said of the photos he had taken that night. He further stated that if not for his crying son, he would have missed the rare phenomenon. Despite its alien-like appearance, NASA explains the real fact behind the pillar lights, the Live Science says.

These are formed by flat ice in high altitudes that come fluttering near the ground, NASA explains. The ice crystals reflect lights from nearby cars and other sources on man-made light resulting to the glorious light show that Elzinga saw. Les Cowley, a retired physicist further explains that light pillars are a result of temperatures plummeting so low that water molecules in the air freeze but remain motionless in vertical shafts.

According to the Mirror, similar light shows can be seen in Niagara Falls where the mist from the rush of the waterfall interacts with the upward facing lights of the city. Similar cases of mysterious light appearances have been reported this year where people thought of the light as a ghost. Alien lights like these have also spurred people to make reports about UFOs.

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