Overwatch Cheaters Managed To Escape Blizzard Hammer Ban; Find Out How They Did It

By Benjie Batanes , Jan 16, 2017 04:50 AM EST

Some Overwatch cheaters managed to escape the Blizzard hammer ban. The developer recently banned thousands of Korean players for cheating.

The Magic Of VPN

Blizzard Korea closed the account of more than 10,000 Overwatch subscribers for cheating in the game last week. Unfortunately, a number of them managed to escape the hammer ban. It seems the Korean hackers have created US or UK Overwatch accounts using Virtual Private Networks or VPN, according to Kotaku. This means that even if the account was ban, their main and personal account remains relatively unscathed.

Korean Gaming Scenario

Many Korean players like to play games like Overwatch in Internet cafes known also as PC Bangs. The café owners actually rent out game time to players which they bought from gaming companies like Blizzard. This attracts many players since it's cheaper than buying the game. This is also the reason why changing Overwatch accounts in Korea is easy

Cheating in Overwatch

Some Overwatch PC players have found a new way to cheat in the game. "Nuking" is basically a DDOS attack aimed at slowing down the match rendering it unplayable. This cheating method though or at least a variation of it has appeared earlier in games like StarCraft. Fortunately, Nuking is confined to PC Overwatch players. In the game though, aimbotting is the most frequent mode of cheating in the game.

Blizzard Taking Action

Blizzard for its part has not been remiss in removing cheaters from Overwatch. Industry observers noticed that the developer has been issuing hammer bans more often than usual these days. It's just that the ban threat is not enough to deter a determined cheater.

The developer issued a recent statement that it's currently updating Overwatch to keep aimbotters and nukers out of the game. This is an encouraging statement to many honest players and will keep cheating at a minimum.

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