Another UFO Sighting Under A Spooky Full Moon Caught On Cam: Is It Really An Extraterrestrial Life Or A Paranormal Activity?

A series of images that has been taken in quick succession has recently been the talk of the town as it has went viral online. The discussion surrounds a seemingly mysterious object being taken under a spooky full moon's night which has then been linked and spawned ghost theories on Reddit. On the first photo, it looks like it was just an empty lawn and a full moon, while in the second picture, most of the people who have seen the photos say that it's somewhat showing the same scene only with a small, ghoulish figure appears running across the grass.

Another UFO Sighting Under A Spooky Full Moon Caught On Cam

In one of his statements reported by Daily Mail, the uploader, whose Reddit name is MeTarzanYouJane, has allegedly posted the two images on the website while asking other users to help him figure out what might have happened in the photo. While being unsure of what might be the image in the photo, the said Reddit user has assured the people that the photos are not edited and has even claimed that there were no smudges on the lens at the time when the photos were taken.

Furthermore, according to Daily Star, the uploader of the images have also explained that the mere fact that it produces a shadow makes him rule out the possibility of it being something like a smudge on the lens. It also is opaque all except for what he would suppose as a human face. While some remain skeptics about the said image, others can't help but to agree with the uploader. One user said that by basing it to the size and stature, they are on the paranormal spectrum. Ultimately, the uploader adds that the creature wasn't seen by the photographers, and only noticed when they later viewed the pictures.


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