UFO’s, Angels Or Demons? What Could It Be? Find Out As Terrifying Photos Of A ‘Winged Creature’ Startles Arizona Residents

A lot has already claimed about the feared Apocalypse but no one could ever prove that it's true. However, a certain picture appearing to be a giant winged 'demon' has recently spread like a wildfire and has circulated online which caused people to claim that the beast sighting has actually indicated the start of the apocalypse. The said photo was allegedly uploaded by Richard Christianson, a Facebook user who lives in Arizona. Currently, the photo has already garnered more than 90,000 views.

Terrifying Photos Of A 'Winged Creature' Startles Arizona Residents

According to reports revealed by Daily Mail, the exact scene where the picture was taken seemingly appears to have been shrouded in fog with streetlights bathing the area in a yellowish haze. In one of his statements after seeing the strange object, Christianson has then reportedly asked for the help from the members of the community. He was quoted to have asked the other residents of what can they see from the picture and if it was for real. Other people who have also seen the pictures were also convince that humanity is indeed facing the end times.

On the other hand, as per The Sun, despite the claims made by Christianson and the other Arizona residents, saying that the image is some kind of other-worldly creature which signals the start of Earth's destruction, an unnamed Facebook user claimed and has come to clarify that it was just in fact, a palm tree. Furthermore, while other anonymous commenters have argued that the mystery creature is either an angel or a demon, some skeptics have also said that it might just be a wind movement or can also be an optical illusion. Ultimately, after the said online commotion brought by the said picture, it was found that Christianson has allegedly removed it from Facebook.

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