Mother Gives Birth To A 14-Pound Baby After Expecting To Give Birth To Twins

By Marion Villareal , Jan 16, 2017 06:55 PM EST

A mother from Louisiana recently gave birth to a 14-pound baby, an information that stunned the mother herself. Prior to having her ultrasound, she expected to give birth to twins, rather gave birth to a fat baby instead.

Louisiana Mother Surprised To Giving Birth To 14-Pound Baby; Initially Expected Twins

The Louisiana mother, LaQueena Hunter Grover was as surprised as everyone else when she knew that she gave birth to such a fat infant. Initially, she thought she was going to have twins given the size of her pregnant tummy. However, come to her and her husband's surprise when the baby boy was delivered and came out 14 pounds big. Some of the nurses that were around during the birth were also astonished, claiming that he was the fattest baby to have been born in that maternity.

According to Mrs. Grover, her husband was so astonished after the delivery when he found out how big the baby was. Given that they initially thought they were having twins, imagine their surprise when they found out they just had an extremely fat and yet healthy baby. After he was born, he was being monitored in the NICU for 27 days, just to ensure his health since he was born at not a normal weight. However, the doctor claims that the baby was completely healthy and keeping him in intensive care would have been unnecessary. Nevertheless, they weren't taking any chances.

Loyalty Adonis Grover: Now One Month Old, Normally Growing And Getting Bigger

The baby boy was named Loyalty Adonis Grover, after a Greek God which is synonymous to beauty and sex appeal. He was born 14.1 pounds and 22 inches long at birth last December. Now, the baby is more than a month old already, still as healthy as he was when he was born and is now already two feet tall and weighs 15 pounds. The mother has also been posting photos of her son on social media, as people all over the world are enamoured by how big he was and is still continually growing like a normal baby boy.

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