Intel To Make Shopping A Breeze With $100 Million IoT Investment

Intel is bent on making the fun-filled activity of shopping, even more fun, and high-tech.

The chip manufacturing company is launching the Responsive Retail Platform which is an Internet of Things or IoT upgrade meant for use by retail stores.

The Intel RRP involves a number of sensors and software kits among other important components that are necessary to improve services within the retail industry. The RRP aims to make inventory tracking easier, faster and more precise while also providing a personalized shopping experience by providing feedback on customers' purchasing habits.

Intel has pulled out $100 million of its own money to make this endeavor a success which the company plans to do within the next five years.

Engadget reports that the platform will include Tally, the vacuum cleaner-like robot developed by Simbe Robotics. Tally is known as the "world's first robotic autonomous shelf auditing and analytics solution". Its main task is to patrol aisles and tally what needs to be tallied.

Slash Gear also notes that the platform involves the Responsive Retail Sensor. It is a multi-sensor device that has an RFID reader and an antenna that is designed particularly for "dense retail environments". Like Tally, the RRS will monitor and record data across the store. Intel also has plans to add video gathering abilities to the sensor along with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

These innovations will make the humans' jobs a lot easier and will make customers' shopping experience a lot better. They keep track of inventory and tell if certain items are out or getting low in stock. Tally can also take care of identifying misplaced items and pricing errors. These will allow people working in the retail stores to focus more on customer service and other important duties.

Tech companies are gradually inching their way into the retail industry in more ways than one. Amazon unveiled a cashier-less grocery store late last year. The Amazon Go is a grocery store where customers can grab and pay for goods without having to stop and fall in line at the cashier. Amazon's innovation is an app which they refer to as "Just Walk Out" technology.

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