Microsoft Head Campaigns For Windows 10 Upgrade, Users Warned Against Windows 7's Security Risks

Microsoft is urging all its users to upgrade to Windows 10 and to stop using Windows 7 and 8 which are all considered as obsolete. Microsoft Germany's Head of Windows Markus Nitschke reiterated the dangers of using Windows 7 and how it fails to comply with the security requirements of most IT departments. He emphasized that the Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft, provides the highest security level to its users.

Windows 7 Users

Back in 2015, Microsoft ended its mainstream support for Windows 7. All OEMs stopped selling devices running on Windows 8.1 and below. Microsoft also refused to sell licenses for these outdated systems. To ease the transition, all systems running Windows 7 and 8 were given a year to get free upgrades.

Microsoft's extended support for Windows 7 will end by January 2020. With three more years before Microsoft pulls out the plug, the company cautions all users especially business organizations to upgrade as soon as possible. The system will be prone to security risks and this could increase the operating and maintenance costs of the business since it is prone to attacks. These warnings were all issues in a blog post released by Microsoft.

Microsoft's Windows 10

Microsoft has been keen on encouraging all users to upgrade their system to Windows 10. The new OS is better in many aspects. As stated by the company, it contains better security features that its predecessors and it comes with the Windows Store for Business. Another useful feature is the simplification of the enterprise IT. Aside from this, the company is planning to roll out a Creators update in spring that would improve the gaming capability of any computer.

With these new developments, it would be in the best interest of enterprise users to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 to ensure that they are getting the best possible security for their business operations.

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