Micrsoft Windows 10 Update Hacks For Getting Free Upgrades, Maximizing Storage Space On A 32GB Device

Microsoft Windows 10 update remains to be a hot topic even if the free upgrade expired in July 2016. Users who want to upgrade could still do it without paying anything or getting in trouble. There are certain hacks available for those who want regular updates without compromising storage space.

Upgrading To Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 users who ignored the offer of a free upgrade, can still do it without paying anything. There is a legal way to complete the upgrade. Downloading Windows 10 from Microsoft is still necessary and the exact steps for making this method work is outlined in Trusted Reviews.

Space Storage Hacks

For Microsoft Windows 10 users with a 32 GB machine, seeing notifications to free storage space can be a bit annoying. While it can be challenging to make this amount of space work, there are hacks to increase the wiggle room to update Windows 10 to the latest version.

Using a hard drive is a good choice since updates can be stored in it should Drive C run out of space. Backing up files on this drive can also free up a lot of space. However, if this is not a workable solution, installing and SD card could also work. Applications can be stored in the SD card and it is possible to move some programs to this storage.

Removing files and programs would also be a good choice. Some apps cannot be deleted although there are some Windows 10 components that you can remove to free up some space. For those who are afraid of deleting things manually from their device, it would be safer to use the Disk Cleanup Utility. Anyone whose device is running on Windows 10 should know how convenient this tool is.

Then, there is the option to disable auto-update and do updates manually. This will allow users to have more control over their device without constantly getting notifications of insufficient space to run Microsoft Windows 10 updates.


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