Evil Dead 2013: Alvarez Rewrites 30-Year-Old Classic Horror (Full Trailer)

By Hilda Scott , Apr 05, 2013 03:23 PM EDT

Another horror movie remake, Evil Dead, is set to hit the theaters April 5, resurrecting the classic 1981 film written and directed by Sam Raimi. New director Fede Alvarez takes on this revered movie with a 2013 version. Alvarez' five minute do-it-yourself short film, Panic Attack, caught the attention of Hollywood in 2009.

The low budget indie film about an invasion of giant robots went viral and the next thing he knew, he was talking to Raimi about remaking a 30-year-old horror classic. This time around, Alvarez takes a different approach, keeping in mind that most moviegoers are from a newer generation and may have not even seen the original Evil Dead film.

The same storyline exists in the Evil Dead and Alvarez incorporates some of the same qualities from the original without being making it an exact replica. As the LA Times reported, "We were trying to make a very, very scary movie. Even the premise of the movie — without bringing in the supernatural aspect — is already quite scary," Alvarez said.  

Horror fans may be skeptical about this remake, but Raimi, who is one of producers of Evil Dead, confirms that Alvarez is the right man for the job, remaking his movie, The Evil Dead.

"I instantly sensed that he was a great storyteller, really sharp, funny, sincere, wanted to really entertain the audience in a new way. I never saw so clearly in my life the right guy for the job when I met him," Raimi said.

Alvarez and longtime friend Rodo Sayagues wrote the Evil Dead screenplay together, and the movie was shot in 70 days. For special effects throughout the film, practical makeup effects were used and CGI was only used for minor touch ups.

Bruce Campbell, one of the cast members of the original Evil Dead, serves as one of the producers on the 2013 horror film remake. He starred in all of the Evil Dead trilogy but is playing producer this time around. Campbell agrees that the new film will feel like an Evil Dead film, adding to the already established franchise.

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