Samsung S3 Frontier Could Be This Year's Best Smartwatch

By Anj C , Jan 17, 2017 07:30 PM EST

After all this time, it's a proof of just how far the smartwatch experience has come and how far it still needs to go further. The Samsung Gear S3 users are in for a major upgrade after the company began releasing its latest update for the watch today. The Samsung Gear S3, which was first unveiled back at IFA in September, is available in two styles, dubbed as Frontier and the Classic.

The Samsung Gear S3 Major Update

Frontier  is stylishly designed to act as both a fitness-minded watch, and also as a leisure wearable. Users will now be able to enjoy a smoother experience with their watch because of a new firmware version available for download. Now compatible with the iOS device, the users will have extra choices to select from.To update your device, you'll need to open up the Gear Manager app on your smartphone paired with your Gear S3. Then tap through the Settings menu, go to Update Gear Software, and the upgrade should show up there for you to download. It's quite a sizeable file, so it may be worth connecting to a Wi-Fi network just to make sure you don't run up on any accidental large data bills.

The Samsung Gear S3: Everything You Should Know

This is the first smartwatch that feels totally functional on its own merits, easily allowing you to separate from your handset, even forget its existence for large periods of time. All that power is paired by a stylish black exterior, one that exudes class ahead of some nerdy tech vibe, and one that's assured to earn compliments from all comers. This is a device that makes an exceptionally strong first impression, even if tiny flaws eventually do manifest. Samsung's Gear S3 Frontier moves the smartwatch farther from a mere novelty that will enable you to keep your phone in your back pocket to fully functional device that can closely stand alone.


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