Real UFO That Crashed In Roswell: Ex-Professor Confirms Incident And Reveals Why It Was Covered Up

A retired professor stepped forward to share his thoughts about what might be a real UFO that crashed in Roswell. The former educator said that he is convinced that the government of U.S.A. has been covering up important details about the bizarre incident. Furthermore, he claimed that aliens have visited the Earth a couple of decades ago and the evidence of the wreckage of the flying saucer was in fact hidden from the public.

Don Donderi, a retired professor at the McGill University, shared to a publication that the U.S. government is covering up the recovered wreckage of a supposed alien space craft. The extraterrestrial craft reportedly crashed into a desert near Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947. He even claimed that the aliens that might have boarded the space craft have been abducting people for the past decades up to the present.

 "The US government recovered the remains of a crashed unidentified flying object (UFO) or to be more correct, an extraterrestrial vehicle," Donderi told the Montreal Gazette. "It is believed that they also recovered bodies of dead aliens," he revealed further. Donderi has been persistent of his claim that the evidences of the shocking incident of a real UFO that crashed in Roswell are solid enough to prove that aliens really exist.

It can be remembered that an alleged UFO crashed at a ranch outside Roswell after the end of the World War II. According to the Daily Express, the military authorities then released a public statement in July 8, 1947 that a wreckage of a crashed flying saucer was recovered. They have however retracted the statement a few hours after the initial official announcement and said that what they found was only a military balloon. Following this, the public then accepted the announcement as truth, until the mid-1970s when a revelation about the incident was leaked by the media.

A UFO investigator then revealed that he learned from Stanton T. Friedman, a nuclear physicist involved in the recovery and transport of the crashed air craft from Roswell to Fort Worth, that there have been a huge cover-up. An alleged Major Jesse Marcel reportedly told Friedman that the truth behind the crash incident have been covered up by the government. He also told that what they recovered from the ranch was a real UFO that crashed in Roswell.

More witnesses of the incident then came forward to give their statement in the 1980s. Glenn Dennis, one of the alleged witnesses, claimed that dead bodies were recovered near the crash site. Furthermore, he said that autopsies were conducted on the recovered dead bodies at the restricted Area 51 USAF facility located in Nevada. Others then claimed that there were alien survivors that were rescued.

Following all of these, Donderi said that the U.S. government covered up the truth because of the suggestion that the Earth is under surveillance by an extraterrestrial race with technology that might be more advanced than what was created by human. "The technology involved is extremely advanced," Donderi claimed. "The implications for human society are incredible and possibly upsetting because we are under surveillance by technologically superior beings from other planets."

Donderi then said that humans do not have any idea why aliens are observing humans because of the cover up. He also said that the most upsetting part of the secrecy is that humans are not able to prepare defensive tactics against possible alien domination since people are not aware that aliens are already coming in and out of the Earth. Furthermore the cover up of the real UFO that crashed in Roswell have hindered the development of a supposed military-technological capability that can defend the human race from extraterrestrials.

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