Aliens On Earth: Alleged Alien Spaceship Spotted In Italy Then Disappeared

UFO sightings as proofs that aliens on Earth are real are currently creating a frenzy both among believers and skeptics. Almost every day, a new alien encounter is being reported and UFO sightings have already been mainstreamed. Following this, an Italian music teacher reportedly has captured real aliens on Earth through a UFO sighting in Italy.

Italian Lucio Margiotta has recently brought to social media what he captured through his smartphone. Looking at the video, the alleged alien spaceship emits a bright orb while speeding across the night sky. Margiotta who was then with his fiancée said that flying object before them was shining brighter than the moon. As evident from the video and as attested by the couple, the supposed UFO was halo-shaped, hence assuming it was an extraterrestrial object since no known human aircraft is molded into such form.

The footage captured by Margiotta lasted for four minutes and the incident allegedly happened in Salento, Southern Italy. After which, the professor shared the video on Facebook for public scrutiny. From reports, users were shocked upon watching the luminous light in the video. As revealed by the Daily Star, the light from the alleged UFO switches colors as it was originally white before it changed into green. A more notable feature was that it changed shape from halo to a solid dot.

Following these, a lot of users suggested that it was indeed a proof of aliens on Earth probably controlling the UFO. Still some viewers suggested that it could be a paranormal phenomenon. Other few though are thinking that it was fabricated. However, according to Mail Online, the video was studied and apparently it was genuine.

Although the video was recorded from southern Italy, enthusiasts believe that the supposed UFO was flying from the direction of Gallipoli, Turkey. There has been the same report of an identical object captured from Gallipoli where the phenomenon was witnessed at a closer range. Those reports then revealed that the lights were like cigarette smoke ring and after a few minutes of being in the sky, it split into two and then vanished.

Following the countless UFO sightings as the new year started, some people claim that the Earth is already in danger of alien invasion. Some viewers though claimed that it was only the planet Venus which was then visible during the time the footage was recorded. Also, some skeptics say that it was only a reflection from a land satellite and has nothing to do with aliens on Earth.

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