Elon Musk's Hyperloop Super Speedy Transportation Not To Debut In The United States

Elon Musk's Hyperloop project may not debut in the United States as government officials confess that the concept of the futuristic transportation might be too much for the nation to handle. The outgoing secretary of the Department of Tourism Anthony Foxx believes that the country is not yet ready for the highly modernized transportation. Countless reports then surfaced claiming that the project might debut in another country.

Elon Musk's tube-based travel system might be introduced to another interested country despite the initial installation plan of the project. The full passenger-scale version of the Hyperloop Transportation System was originally planned for installation along the I-5 freeway, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The said transportation system is capable of transporting passengers at speeds up to 760 mph. However, the DoT requires many permissions for it to allow the installation of such kind of transportation.

Foxx has rendered his term as a secretary of the DoT, desiring to work on railroad projects across the country. However, he believes that the Hyperloop might find it easier to start in other countries first as Foxx compared the success of drones to the supposed startup of the innovative transportation system. He also explained that the technology might be too fast and unexpected saying, as cited by Recode, "The technology, the science behind it, is very sound," he said. "But it's one of those examples of, the technology may be there before the government is."

As shared by Dirk Ahlborn, the CEO of the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Elon Musk's dream of a hyperloop transportation will change the traditional means of transportation which remained unimproved in the past century. This, according to Ahlborn, is especially true in California where the travel time from Los Angeles to San Francisco or vice versa would take close to 12 hours by rail. Through the hyperloop, the said travel time will be trimmed down to only 34 minutes.

Although the concept is attractive, the government officials still decline to start with the project as they are meeting with the autonomous cars instead. These cars are reportedly similar to the normal cars which the Dot has already started issuing federal guidelines for. As for the debut location of the hyperloop transtportaion system, Sat Press Releases noted that several countries like Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East are interested in Elon Musk's hyperloop projects.

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