How To Brick An iPhone Using Emojis Plus Other iPhone Tricks That You Don't Know

By Edge Ison , Jan 19, 2017 03:11 AM EST

The iPhone is a magnificent gadget. In fact, it changed the industry forever when the first iPhone came out ten years ago. The iPhone looks great and does a lot of great things. It's also great for pranks.

Pranksters are having a heyday with everybody else's iPhones by causing then to brick or freeze which makes the users think that their smartphone is broken.

A YouTuber who likes to talk about iPhone-crashing pranks and goes by EverythingApplePro posted a video showing how easy it is to freeze an iPhone or iPad just by sending certain emojis.

The prank actually originated from a couple of iOS bugs.

One of the bugs involves three emojis and a hidden character. The emojis include the waving white flag emoji, followed by the invisible character known as the variation selector or VS16, a zero, and then a rainbow. The crash is supposedly caused by the phone's attempt to combine the white flag and the zero into an emoji.

The other bug involves the same characters but this time, they are embedded within a contacts file. This file can be shared through the iCloud Drive to an iMessage contact.

Once any of these bugs are sent, the receiving device will instantly crash. The degree of effect may differ from device to device. According to The Guardian, some victims of the bug had to reboot their phone due to a full lockup. Others experience a partial lockup which results to a quick reboot.

Other iPhone Tricks

Pranks are not the only unorthodox ways of using the iPhone. Owners can use it to determine the model, airline, and altitude of a plane flying above them just by asking Siri. Another iPhone trick that few people are aware of is that the user can delete an extra digit in the calculator app just by swiping to the right or to the left of the digits.

Shooting panoramas are not always done from left to right. Users can simply click the arrow to flip or change its direction to the user's preference. Finally, emoji users will find it handy to know that an emoji shortcut can be created to make it easier to look for emojis. Just go to Settings, followed by General, Keyboard, Text Replacement and then start creating shortcuts.

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