Samsung Receives Patent For E-Ink Display Flip Case

By Edge Ison , Jan 19, 2017 03:35 AM EST

Samsung has received a patent for a flip case with an E-Ink display panel.

The Korean tech giant is known for releasing new accessories at the same time as new devices. They did this with the Galaxy A series smartphones which was only recently released. Accessories for the new smartphones such as Clear Case Covers, S-View Case Covers, and Neon Flip Wallet Covers were made available at the same time as the phones themselves.

Tradition dictates that the new E-Ink Display flip cover will be released alongside the company's next releases which will likely be the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S8. Rumors have also surfaced that certain case manufacturers have already created cases for the Galaxy S8.

An E-Ink Display has already been around in previous years but not as part of a flip cover. If Samsung successfully manufactures the patented design, this will be a first, as noted by Android Headlines.

Previously, the E-Ink Display was utilized as an extra display that slides into a phone case as is the case with the InkCase Plus. The InkCase Plus is a dedicated E-Ink Display that slides into the back of a special phone case which allows the phone to have two screens, one with full color and another using E-Ink. Another company who went this route was PopSlate.

YotaPhone and Onyx, meanwhile, integrated E-Ink displays onto the handsets themselves with the standard colored display is at the front while the E-Ink display is at the back.

HTC has also come up with the Dot View case which is a different take on the flip case.

Despite this impressive innovation, E-Ink phones did not gather enough supporters to become a viable option for techies. But with Samsung's plan to bring back the tech, only time will tell if the E-Ink flip case will be a success.

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