Alien Abduction: Woman Claims Being Kidnapped By Aliens To Get Her Eggs To Make Human Hybrids

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Jan 19, 2017 09:41 AM EST

A woman who claims to have experienced an alien abduction recently came forward to speak about her alleged experience during a conference. Her shocking revelation is now catching too many attention as her testimony signifies alien domination over the Earth. While evidences of the incident are not really available, enthusiasts who joined the conference were inspired to share their own unique experience.

More and more people are coming forward to confess their close encounter with the so-called aliens. Recent reports have it that a woman who refused to be identified has been kidnapped by aliens sometime in the past. The woman who only gave Anna for her name said she believes that she has been taken by aliens and took her into a spacecraft where she was placed under an alleged alien examination.

The woman stands up to her testimony that the alien abduction she got involved in was a part of an experimentation. She said that the aliens extracted an egg from here which she revealed was used to create a race of alien-human hybrids. What came after the operation is not known as the prime witness herself cannot identify what happened to her next.

Anna is one of the thousands of people which includes doctors, lawyers, and pilots, who claim to have been abducted by aliens. She said, as cited by the Daily Express: "They wanted some help with their hybrid project, so they chose me." Defending her story, she said that she chooses the people to whom she should relay the information as people might not believe her story.

According to the Daily Star, The Close Encounters Conference in the Byron Bay at New South Wales Australia had alien believers and enthusiasts coming together to discuss incidents where extraterrestrials made their presence known to humans. It was in that world's first conference where Anna shared her experience to help convince the globe that aliens and alien abduction can be a positive thing.

Also in the conference, results of the survey about an alien encounter showed nearly 3,000 people who claim to have experienced encountering aliens and have been abducted. This was reportedly conducted by the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) and was set up by the late astronaut who walked on the Moon who also recently died. The FREE board member and researcher Mary Rodwell delivered the results of the said survey at the conference. "When you hear doctors, nurses, social workers, pilots, celebrities, lawyers, farmers, children, talking about this experience ... when they're all talking about similar things and similar patterns and you hear the emotion and the feeling, all of that is an authenticity you cannot dismiss," Rodewell said.

The conference was organized by the Australian Kathryn Hand as she believes that a lot of witnesses feared speaking out as others might call them insane. The gathering intended to give a special opportunity to believers to speak out their experiences as more and more people are claiming of such incident. Just recently, a man even confessed in a conspiracy forum about his alien abduction that took years ago.

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