Ark Survival: Evolved News, Update: Check Out The Details Of The Latest Patch On PS4

Studio Wildcard has rolled out another update for Ark Survival: Evolved. The developer said that the update will bring new dinosaurs, PGMs mode and few bug fixes. However, Xbox One users had the chance of trying the update first before the PS4 users.

Update 503 Of Ark Survival: Evolved Is Available For PS4

The update is similar with the v253 that Studio Wildcard has provided for the PC version of Ark Survival: Evolved. According to Shack News, there are five new dinosaurs added in PS4. The Cnidaria Omnimorph, Troodon Magnanimus, Pegomastax Fructurator, Tusoteuthis Vampyrus and Therizinosauraus Multiensis are the five new dinosaurs that will live in the island.

Also, two new underwater caves are part of the update. The caves will have artifacts and objectives, too. PGMs or Procedurally Generated Maps mode are additional features that are included in the update. This means that game crashes will be fixed.

The game fixes such as new memory allocator and more efficient memory storage are upgraded for a better gaming experience. Studio Wildcard is sure that what the PC players have been experiencing will also be experienced in PS4 consoles.

v254 Will Be Coming On PC Anytime Soon

As per iDigital Times, the PC update will be available within this month. The update will include new Dinosaurs, Tek Tier items and new hairstyle choices for the survivors in the island on Ark Survival: Evolved. It seems that each platforms have different features added in the game.

Studio Wildcard has provided same features for Ark Survival: Evolved for different platforms. But PC and XB1 users have been receiving the updates ahead of PS4 users because of Sony's procedures before approving the updates.

A lot of players have been enjoying what Ark Survival: Evolved has given them, They are wishing to see more and more creatures that are roaming in the island together with the survivors. In addition, they are hoping that the game will be flawless.

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