Ark: Survival Evolved Will Be Updated Again, Here's What We Know

Studio Wildcard is planning to release an update soon, The update will change the physical features of the survivors in the island. Also, there are other creatures that might be added once the players have downloaded the patch.

What Can Change In Ark: Survival Evolved With v254?

It seems that Studio Wildcard keeps improving Ark: Survival Evolved because of the series of updates that were released before. Jeremy Stieglitz, Head Designer, explained that v254 will give the survivors beard and will increase the growth of their hair.

According to iDigital Times, it is an appropriate update for the game because survivors will not have the time to check how they look before they were stranded. The players should expect that the survivors will be hairy and look like cavemen.

However, Studio Wildcard is leaving some important details regarding v254 of Ark: Survival Evolved. There are even speculations that new dinosaurs will be added in the game. The expected patch will be downloadable in Jan. 20.

A New Creature Seen In Ark: Survival Evolved

The olayers have seen Equus. It looks like a horse that is very loyal and is a herbivore. As per True Achievements, the creature is from Pleistocene era and can be considered as the ancestor of the horses seen today.

The Equus will help the players in Ark: Survival Evolved by gathering the animals using lassos. Also, the ancient horse can be used as a mode of travel in the game. Players need to capture one of this creatures to help them survive and to ease their lives in the island.

Hopefully, players will love the upcoming updates in Ark: Survival Evolved. Studio Wildcard wants the best for its loyal players because the developer wants them to be interested and to be able to survive in the game.

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