Follow This Easy Month-Long Plan For A Slimmer You

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Jan 19, 2017 10:36 PM EST
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The good news: Executing even small everyday diet and exercise variations can lead to a long-term transformation, says Lee Goldman, MD, executive vice president and dean of the faculties of health sciences and medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. The minute, it comes to exercise, "the simple note is to stay active," he says. Focus on building motion into your daily routine, he adds, whether it's going to the gym, walking several additional blocks rather than driving, or taking the stairs as an alternative of the elevator.

A Custom-Made To Fit Your Needs And Fitness Level Lie Ahead

Day 1: Have A Mission

Write a detailed wellness mission for next weeks (example: "I will eat two clean meals per day for two weeks") and stick it anywhere you'll see it. Remember always: This is a kick-start point, so it's OK to start small adjustments.

Day 2: Purge Your Pantry

Throw out three food products with a label "low-fat," "reduced-fat" or "fat-free." They often have more salt, sugar or even calories than the full-fat varieties.

Day 3: Weigh Yourself

Research has related hopping on the scale regularly to see better weight-loss results.

Day 4: "Go" For A Mile

Go for a walk, a run-walk, do sometimes biking, stretch your body by the swimming-your pick. And don't forget to stretch yourself. Time for at least 5-10 minutes' interval then does breathing exercise.

Day 5: Eat Off Smaller Plates

New research has established the age-old diet trick: Smaller dishes (try 9-inch ones) and flatware will help with portion control and indeed reduce your calorie intake.

Day 6: Try A Bird-Dog Plank Variation

Start in a planking position, then extend one arm and the opposite leg without worrying your form; switch sides. Do 10 repetition on each side.

Day 7: Trade Butter For Avocado

Everyone loves to replace butter with avocado toast. But you can also switch it into other recipes to heighten your fiber; replace 1 tablespoon of butter with 1/2 tablespoon of avocado.

Day 8: Scan Your Kitchen

Do you have foods that you just can't stop eating once you start? (We're looking at you, buttered popcorn, and M&M's.) Think about what's for you, and purge three of the ones that tend to knock you off-track from your diet goals.

Day 9: Get Up And Move

Walk, stretch, even do a squat-every hour on the hour. New studies have shown that sitting for long periods increases the risk of getting a chronic disease, even if you exercise.

Day 10: Hop On The Scale Again

If self-weighing appears to be working for you, checking-in once a week is ok to see results that can be motivating.

Day 11: Beat Your Own Mile Time

On Day 4, you ran fast than before, walked an extra mile, or biked as fast as you could. Today, try to beat and hit a new personal time record.

Day 12: Build An Open-face Sandwich

Only use one piece of bread, which will save you about 100 calories. You could also opt for a lettuce wrap instead.

Day 13: Add A Hot Ingredient To Dinner

Spices like chili peppers and hot sauce have a thermogenic effect, meaning you literally burn extra calories while you chew. Try a diced hot pepper into a salad.

Day 14: Write Out A New Goal

Two weeks down and you're doing great! Write out a new goal, or expand upon your Day 1 mission. Strive for three clean meals per day for a week.

Day 15: Crack An Egg At Breakfast

Start your day with some protein-packed meals keeps you full and content longer. And whether you eat them scrambled, sunny-side-up, or in a sandwich, eggs are one of the easiest (and most delicious) ways to get the gratifying nutrient in your morning meal.

Day 16: Experiment With A New Exercise Class

A 2015 study found that women who did 30 minutes of an unacquainted aerobic activity enjoyed their workout more than those who trapped to their usual routines.

Day 17: Work Out First Thing This Morning

An early sweat session helps keep your metabolism buzzing all day. And although the thought of carving out time to work out in the morning may seem intimidating, we bet you can find 2 minutes for this fast workout.

Day 18: Do Kettlebell Wings

Go for 10 to 15 repetition to get the hang of the motion.

Day 19: Stick With Vegan-Diet

Can you go meat-free meal for the next three days? Try it. Research shows that vegetarians tend to have lower BMIs than meat eaters.

Day 20: Go For H2O

Make water your primary brew for the rest of the month.

Day 21: Sneak In Exercises Throughout Your Day

Make the world your gym! Hold a wall sit before you brush your teeth, do 10 to 15 push-ups before you shower, and lunge your way from the TV to the bathroom.

Day 22: Take A Lunch Lap

Instead of pleasing your full lunch break sitting in the kitchenette, grab a co-worker, and spend the first half of your disruption taking a brisk walk

Day 23: Mix Things Up

Enjoy one fruit and one vegetable that you seldom to eat. Only about 13 percent of adults get the suggested amount of fruit per day (1 1/2 to 2 cups), and fewer than 9 percent get their daily veggie dose (2 to 3 cups).

Day 24: Rock A Jump-in-rope Workout

Aim for five one-minute intermissions of two-footed, alternating or high-knee skipping. Include a short rest in between each.

Day 25: Try Tabata

Tabata-style! Do squat jumps, then push-ups, then burpees, and sit-ups for 20-second intervals, with 10 seconds of rest in between. Repeat it twice.

Day 26: Remember To Hydrate

Drink an at least 17-ounce bottle of water before each meal. It'll help you feel fuller, eat fewer calories and stay hydrated.

Day 27: Try A Gym Gadget You've Never Used

Resistance bands, BOSU balls, and ankle weights are great for extra burn.

Day 28: Feeling Strong Now?

Tally more 50 burpees by the end of the day. Crank up the old-style move with three calorie-torching variations.

Day 29: Cook With Quinoa

The fiber-filled seed can even be used for pie crust.

Day 30: Determine your next wellness mission

Stay tuned for the continuation of your next wellness mission. Only here at

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