President Obama Eats Seven Almonds Every Night

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PHILADELPHIA - APRIL 22: Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and his wife Michelle eat a cheesesteak and fries during a campaign stop at Pat's King of Steaks April 22, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Voters in Pennsylvania go to the polls today. Photo : (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Barack Obama eats seven almonds every night- this must be the most shared eating routine of 2016. Obama shared his solitary, nocturnal habits with New York Times and confirmed that the former US President's night-time snack consists of seven almonds, eaten one by one as he does his evening routine of reading, writing or watching televised sports.

Snacking On Seven Almonds For Good Health A Must

Sam Kass confirmed that Obama has high discipline in maintaining good health in terms of his snack intake. He enjoys his evening routines saying it serves as his much-needed me-time. Kass and Michelle Obama "would always joke: not six, not eight. Always seven almonds," said Kass. Kass is the Obama's friend and the president's personal chef.

"This is an example of the weird way that the press works. Michelle and Sam Kass... one night they were talking about me and teasing me about how disciplined I was, that I didn't have potato chips or I didn't have a piece of cake," Obama told the press.

"And this is when Michelle said, 'Yes, and he just has seven almonds. That's it.' To really drive home the point that I needed to loosen up a little bit. And Sam relayed this joke to the New York Times in the article and somehow it was relayed as if I was counting out the seven almonds," Obama added.

Obama - Fond Of Junk Food Too?

Obama admitted his love for junk food. He said he can usually be found eating cheeseburger on the campaign trail. "If I get nachos and guacamole I can go to town on that stuff," Obama said in 2012. "I asked my team to restrict my intake. If they put it in front of me it's gone."

On the contrary, Obama suggested that he should reward himself with an almond treat after his speech to the Democratic Convention last week. On this note, the Obama clarifies that he "strongly" recommends almonds further referring to it as a "a good snack."

"Tonight, Obama's going to eat seven chocolate-covered almonds," journalist Matthew Yglesias posted on Twitter during Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention last week.

The interview ended with a comic relief from the president, saying, "I am so glad I had this opportunity," he said. "This has been really weighing on me."

In fact, a handful of almonds can actually just save your day. According to research, it could bring about a number of health benefits to overall diet quality and heath status.

Almonds- Can Protect Against Alzheimer's And UV Light Damage

Almonds are categorized a monounsaturated fats that contain vitamin E. It aids in the protection against UV light damage and Alzheimer's disease, according to to studies presented to the American Society Of Scientific Sessions, San Diego.

"Presenting new research to this audience of scientists and health professionals is critical to turning the findings into practical application and recommendations," according to Dr. Karen Lapsley, chief science officer for the Almond Board of California."These results help to advance the evolution of our understanding of almonds' beneficial effects as part of a healthy diet," she added.

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