NES Classic Edition Stocks Coming To Amazon Next Week, Rumor Says Amazon Holding On To Stocks While Auto Guide Is Giving One Away

Rejoice mini NES Classic hunters! Amazon is loading up on the hard-to-find console and will make them available next week while Auto Guide is giving one away for free.

Amazon's premium priced NES Classics

A quick tour of the Amazon website will reveal that the NES Classic Edition will be made available as early as Jan. 25. A number of sellers will have their stock of the classic console delivered to them sometime between Jan. 25 and Feb. 10. One seller is expecting its shipment which will come all the way from the Czech Republic between Feb. 10 and Mar. 3.

However, the prices of the consoles will be around twice as much as its original retail price. Some sellers also require the buyer o pay for shipping costs.

Amazon holding on to stocks?

This bit of news coincides with a recent rumor that Amazon is holding out its stocks of the NES Classic until it figures out a better way to part with the rare consoles. Many may recall that when the NES Classic Edition was first released, Amazon's website crashed due to the high number of people trying to purchase one.

The rumor that the retail company is holding on to its stocks started with a Reddit user who goes by jcraig3k. He posted that he called Amazon Prime support to ask about the NES Classic. The other person on the line asked the inventory manager who replied that they did have the mini NES in stock. However, the agent told the Reddit user that the company is "holding off on selling the NES Classic directly" at the time due to the problems they encountered at the launch. The Customer Support person also said that the stocks will eventually be made available to Amazon Prime members for pre-orders before selling them on their website.

Auto Guide

If the price of the mini NES consoles being peddled by sellers over at Amazon seems a bit too high, fans may want to try to win one via Auto Guide's raffle.

Auto Guide is offering the chance to win a free NES Classic Edition to those who will join its The Wise Guide newsletter promo. Those interested may join the contest just by entering their name and other details on its website. But be quick as the contest will close on Friday, Jan. 20.

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