How To Find A NES Classic Edition

Since its release last November, the NES Classic Edition has sold more units than any other retro consoles. However, there are not enough mini NES consoles going around to satisfy everyone who wants one.

Nintendo reportedly has sold 196,000 NES Classic Edition units so far. That may seem a lot but it is certainly not enough.

The Japanese gaming company has been criticized for not making enough mini NES consoles to keep everyone happy this holiday.

Tips on How to Find One

The best possible way for fans to finally get their hands on a mini-NES is to utilize websites dedicated to finding stocks of different products in different stores around the country.

Such tracker websites include NowInStock, BrickSeek, and ZooLert. Retail stores like Wal-Mart and target have their own online inventory trackers that customers can visit and use to check if the mini NES has been restocked.

One particular successful mini NES hunter shared his experience over at the comment section of BrickSeek.

The customer said that one needs to refresh the BS tracker for stores such as target starting at 8 or 9 p.m. until midnight. According to the commenter, the On-hand Quantity is always one short of the Saleable Quantity. The customer also said that there is no need to rush to the store once the inventory light turns yellow or green signifying that stock has arrived. That stock will be available the next day so the best thing to do is to go to the store early - around 3:30 a.m., the earliest. Of course, the earlier one gets to the store, the better his or her chances to get the mini NES.

Aside from tracking websites, one can also use Twitter. Keep updated on possible restocks by getting notifications from the Twitter accounts of retail stores to your phone. Amazon recently announced the availability of the console in key cities in the country. Many got wind of the announcement through Twitter.

Like notifications, Google Group Alerts may also come in handy in the search for the elusive mini NES. Sign up to stores' Group Alerts to get email alerts.

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