Destiny: Rise Of Iron News: No Crimson Days Event But New Update Is Coming

The Crimson Days event is celebrated annually every Valentine's Day in Destiny: Rise of Iron. However, this time Bungie is not planning to do the most celebrated event in the game. Although, a big update to is promised to come.

Bungie Is Planning To Release A New Update For Destiny: Rise Of Iron

The developer is revealing that the live team that is responsible for Crimson Days will be creating the big update for Destiny: Rise of Iron. According to GameSpot, Bungie is not yet revealing any details or plans regarding on what will come next.

The only thing that is sure and accurate is that the update will bring weapon balances and other fixes that will improve the gameplay in Destiny: Rise of Iron. In the meantime, players have to wait for any announcement from Bungie in what will be the additional fixes in the patch. In addition, Bungie explained that it is not right for the company to reveal any information about anything that the team is not yet sure.

Players Are Hoping For A Repeat Of Destiny's April 2015 Update And More

As per VG247, Bungie's live team is also responsible for the most exciting update in Destiny last 2015. Players are starting to speculate that the next big update will be massive and will bring exciting features that might be added in the game.

Bungie said that the update will be coming during springtime. The developer promises that this year will be big for Destiny. In a side note, the developer also has not yet officially announced if Destiny 2 will be released this year or if the sequel is currently being developed.

Players are a bit dismayed when they heard that Crimson Days will not be arriving in Destiny: Rise of Iron. However, since Bungie promised a soon-to-be released update in Destiny: Rise of Iron, they are hopeful that it could exceed their expectations.

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