Destiny News: Iron Banner To Return, Find Out The Details About The Event

Bungie is bringing back the most beloved event in Destiny and that is the Iron Banner. The developer said that the event will not be bringing back old features but will add new ones to the game. Hopefully, the players will participate in the event.

Destiny's Iron Banner Details

Iron Banner will have new features and one of them is Clash. According to GameSpot, it will be a new version of Team Deathmatch. Bungie explained that the multiplayer game will let the players use exotic weapons while engaged in a battle.

The players can receive weapons like Hunter, Warlock and Titan Armor. But they can also use special sidearms and rocket launchers. These rewards will be given to the players who have participated in Iron Banner event.

The event will be starting on Jan. 17 at exactly 10 a.m. It will end on Jan. 24 at 1:00 a.m. Bungie wanted Iron Banner to last for a week for the players to earn the rewards they deserve.

New Weekly Event In Destiny

Other than Iron Banner that will be returning this month in Destiny, players can access a weekly event called Bungie Bounty Days. As per Games Radar, the main objective of the PvP event is to kill the designated target given to them.

If the players are successful with their goal, they will get the Sign of Opposing Will. Bungie Bounty Days has already started but it will only be accessible during weekdays. The players will see Professor Broman during the Clash matches. The event started at exactly 1:00 p.m.

Bungie will make sure that Destiny will be big this year. Hopefully, the players will appreciate the developer's plans with the game because the company wants nothing but the best. Also, the developer wants more players to be added in their community.

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