Pokemon Sun And Moon: Best Tank Pokemon And Why You Need Them

By Dez Bryant , Jan 20, 2017 09:49 PM EST
Winning a battle consists of skills and luck. However, knowing the strongest tank type Pokemon will be a player's best strategy to reach victory. (Photo : Verlisify / YouTube)

There are hundreds of Pokemon characters already introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon game. However, not all of them are fierce during the battle. Some of them might look intimidating but turns out they are just like magikarp, weaklings.

Before going to a Pokemon battle, every trainer should know what they are bringing to the table. Players should be knowledgeable with their Pokemon, especially on their abilities. A lot of times, players tend to rely on the appearance of the Pokemon without researching their capabilities and skills. This actually leads them to failure.

There are a lot of ways to survive Pokemon battle but getting the strongest Type of Pokemon is already halfway your victory. We are going to list the Best Tank Pokemon we have today for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This list will not include legendary or ultra best Pokemon as they have their own classification. Lastly, the list will not be in order. Let us check some Pokemon who are worthy to be called The Best Tank.

Machamp(Fighting Type Pokemon)

Famously known as the Superpower Pokemon, Machamp is a force to reckon with. Everybody knows that this Pokemon is bipedal and it is built like a tank. It has four strong muscled arms and a body that seems to tolerate any kind of pain. Arguably one of the greatest physical specimens in Pokemon history, Machamp is hard to deal with. He has extremely fast and powerful punch that can create devastating damage on his opponents.

Trevenant(Grass/Ghost Type Pokemon)

This Pokemon should not be taken lightly as he has an array of skills that can decimate an opponent. It looks like an old irrelevant tree but Trevenant is considered as a tank. It has two moves that are perfectly built to overcome his adversaries. Trevenant, as reported, can kill a certain Pokemon using one move and that is his Shadow Claw.

Bewear (Fighting Type Pokemon)

Another fighting type Pokemon was able to make it on our list due to a variety of reasons. By the name alone, players can tell that this Pokemon is not something to mess with. Bewear looks like a cuddly teddy bear who doesn’t know how to fight. However, looks can be deceiving. With a high HP, he can withstand any attack. His offensive attack is one of the simplest but vicious techniques that can dispose an average Pokemon.

Incineroar (Fire Type Pokemon)

Probably the most popular tank type Pokemon. Incineroar still holds the highest HP for starter Pokemon with regards to their final evolution. Physically, Incineroar is a powerhouse, to say the least. Although there are some questions with regards to its special attack and speed, opponents should think twice prior to engaging a battle with him. 

Mimikyu (Ghost Type Pokemon)

Mimikyu is a personal favorite in Pokemon Sun and Moon game. When this little creature was added on S&M, a lot of players were intrigued about him. First of all, he wears a Pikachu mask, and second of all, little is known about him. Mimikyu does lives up to his class. A ghost type that is very elusive and hard to target. One key note about this Pokemon is his disguise ability.

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