Pokemon Sun And Moon: Strongest 7th Gen Pokemon Revealed

TOP 10 STRONGEST 7th GEN POKEMON in Pokemon Sun and Moon
Game Freak knows how to make their players happy. With the addition of 7th Gen Pokemon, players have an array of characters to choose from. Some of them are confused due to the number of Pokemon added, but most of them are enjoying it. Photo : Verlisify / YouTube

Pokemon Sun and Moon is on its way as the greatest and most innovative game in the last two years. The developers of this game were able to find the right mix to make Pokemon Sun and Moon interactive and addictive.

It’s been a couple of months since Game Freak unleashed their 7th Generation Pokemon. A lot of players were mesmerized when they saw dozens of new characters released. This led the players to be confused on what Pokemon are they going to use. However, there are certain characters on 7th gen that is a must to have. We are talking about the strongest Pokemon that has the ability to dismantle its opponent in an instant.

Here’s some of the list of the strongest 7th Gen Pokemon.


Arguably the strongest 7th Gen Pokemon. The poison/water type Pokemon is not something to play with. He earned his nickname as the Brutal Star Pokemon for a reason. Toxapex poisonous attack is one of the deadliest in the game right now. But his greatest attributes is its defense. He has the highest rating on defense and special defense amongst the lengthy list of Pokemon today.


Mimikyu is the most fascinating Pokemon in 7th Gen or even in the whole Pokemon game. This character wears a Pikachu costume and he uses it to distract his opponents while hiding its real intention. Mimikyu can be found in Ula’ula Island of Alola at south route 14(Thrifty Megamart). This Pokemon is relatively small but his base defense of 105 is something to look out for.


Another intriguing character from the 7th Generation of Pokemon. Most of the players are greatly mistaken about its ability. Usually, players tend to belittle this strange Pokemon. However, beware as this Pokemon has numerous arsenal that can destroy its opponent quickly. By using his anchor attack added with a splash, there’s no turning back once you face this Pokemon.

Alolan Ninetails

Probably the greatest and complete ninetails in the game. Alolan Ninetails is very deceiving to say the least. It looks very graceful but very dangerous.With speed of 109 and speed def of 100, this character is very hard to deal with. Its snow cloak is very intimidating as it boosts up its hailstorm. Also, it has the hidden ability of Snowwarning. Once this Pokemon enters a battle, he is ready to drop hailstorm without hesitation.


Hit him if you can but this Pokemon is considered as a ghost due to his ability to evade and move quickly against his opponents attack. Lycanroc has 115 base attack with a speed of 112. It means that he can attack you quickly at the same time will inflict deep wounds to his enemy. He might have low defense, but with that speed, he can almost evade anything.


Found in Akala Island, this Pokemon is very alluring. It looks nice and very harmless flower but little do they know, once this Pokemon is in the battle, she’s all about business. Comfey’s stats is too good to be true. With a special defense rate of 100 and speed of 100, players are having a hard time to get rid of this character. Her skill set is more than enough to defeat its enemy. Plus, she has a lot of healing powers.

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