Power Up With This 21-Day Vegan Diet Challange

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Jan 20, 2017 11:23 PM EST
Dr. Oz's 21 Day Weight Loss Breakthrough<br /> (Photo : Wendy Williams / Youtube)

Common and we are aware of the adage that says "you are what you eat." You eat fat, you'll be fat. It's obvious but it's not certainly true. That thought alone was among doctors and researchers had evolved in decades, and while some experts still "the low-fat approach," others say that your fat intake has little to do with what you see in scale.

The key is, says Mark Hyman, the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine is to choose the right fats and mix them into an overall healthy diet that also includes veggies. In his book, he prescribes a 21-day jump-start program aimed to helping readers get rid their kitchens and bodies of harmful unhealthy food including-you guessed it-fat.

The 21-Day Eat Fat, Get Thin Jump-Start Plan

You'll be eating three vegan meals plus two optional snacks every day. For best outcomes, eat only fat, protein, and/or veggies for breakfast. Lunch should contain of 75 percent non-starchy veggies and 25 percent protein on your plate, with fat included in dressings, olive oil, and coconut oil, and have some natural proteins such as fatty fish, meat, or nuts and seeds. Your dinner is the same as lunch. If you like to add, kindly include ½ to one cup of starchy veggies such as sweet potato, winter squash, or parsnips at dinner.

Get The Most Healthy Fats In Store

Use only good, healthy fats and clean (grass-fed raised) animal foods. You should include at least one serving of fat at each meal. The best sources are avocados; extra virgin olive oil; nuts and seeds; extra virgin coconut oil; organic coconut milk; whole organic eggs; fatty fish such as sardines, wild salmon, mackerel, and herring; grass-fed lamb, bison, and beef; and organic poultry. You can also add MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil to salad dressings or smoothies.

Check Your Protein
Eat 4 to 6 ounces of protein at each mealtime. The average person needs about 0.68 gram per pound of body weight per day; you may need to regulate that up if you exercise intensely or are recovering from an illness. Pay attention to how your body feels and you'll know. You can learn by testing and recording your remarks each day.

Optional Carbs Intake And How To Control

Fill In Your Carbohydrates

Maximum diet regulates should have carbohydrates. Outrageous, right? We're not talking about bagels, rice, potatoes, or cookies; We're talking about the carbs in whole plant food base. All vegetables with carbs. Like broccoli, asparagus, and green beans. In fact, low-starchy veggies full of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber should make up about 50 percent to 75 percent of your plate at every meal. You get unlimited refills, so be stuff on these foods! Nuts and seeds contain carbs (as well as protein and fat), as well as fruits.

Snacks (but it's optional)
You can have up to two snacks a day, as desired. Easy snack options are a handful of raw nuts; raw veggies with almond or cashew butter, olive tapenade, or tahini; or half an avocado sprinkled with sea salt, pepper, and lime or lemon juice.

Watch Your Salt Content
When you reduce the carbs intakes, your body needs more salt. You will lose water, salt and you will feel tired, weak, and unable to exercise if you don't munch enough salt (1 to 2 teaspoons a day of sea salt). If you have salt-sensitive high blood pressure, simply watch your blood pressure daily and adjust the salt intake.

Give In On Fruits

You can include ½ to 1 cup per day of the following specific fruits: berries, pomegranate seeds, watermelon (which has a very low glycemic load or sugar because it is mostly water), lemon, lime, or kiwi.

A recent National Institutes of Health-funded study exposed that adults who were asked to increase their fiber consumption to at least 30 grams a day added more vegetables (and fruits and whole grains) to their diets and lost nearly as much weight than those who follow complex diet with specific produce intake references (diet books).

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