What Type Of Sugar You Take Is More Important, Not How Much

Many see sugar to be the real culprit in obesity. However there are many types of sugar, and not all of them are bad for the health. What type of sugar you take is more important, and not how much.

Too much sugar in general is bad for the health. Many who eat food that has too much sugar are likely to get Type 2 diabetes at some point. It is equally wrong though to brand all sugar as harmful, since not all types of sugar have the same effect.

A new study has taken this into account. The study has taken two types of sugar to see what would be their effects. The two types of sugar have been studied for their metabolic and vascular function.

For the study, female rats have been given a liquid solution. The liquid solution could either be one with glucose or one with fructose. Glucose is a type of sugar that is naturally found in the body. Fructose is sugar that could be found in food such as fruits.

For eight weeks the rats were given the liquid solution along with the food they eat, as Science Daily reports. While those who had glucose had more calorie intake, fructose-fed rats gained more body weight though. Those who were on fructose drink also had vascular and liver damage.

The study has shown that the type of sugar eaten can play a role in the overall health of a person. Sugar isn't created the same, and there is sugar that could have less damaging effects. What type of sugar you take is more important, not how much. Also a study shows that more kids are taking low calorie sweeteners.

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