Clash Royale Guide: Here Are The Best Tips To Become A Master In Destroying Towers

Clash Royale Guide: Here Are The Best Tips To Become A Master In Destroying Towers
Do you want to become a master in tower destruction? Here are some tips on how you can be just that. Photo : Clash Royale/YouTube

In Clash Royale, the only way you can win your matches is by destroying the towers of your opponents. But you cannot easily do that if you don't know the best way of doing it. Your opponents are equally intent in destroying your towers so you need to defend them as well. If you are searching for tips on how you can destroy the towers of your enemies and win your matches, just keep on reading this article.

Use Units That Are Designed To Attack Towers

There are units in Clash Royale with a specific purpose of attacking towers. Among this group are the river-leaping Hog Rider and the Giant. With their size and massive power, they can easily topple down any tower.

But the most important thing about them is that they are solely focused on taking down towers. They are not easily distracted from their single purpose even if the enemy will try to stop them. Use this sense of focus effectively and the towers of your enemies will tumble down.

Use The Rage Spell To Quickly Take Down Towers In Clash Royale

The Rage Spell is one of the most effective ways of taking down a tower quick and easy. It lasts for 8 seconds and will provide your cards plenty of push on their target or AoE (area of effect). This spell will tremendously boost the movement speed and attack speed.

So, if you are targeting a Crown Tower or a King Tower, use the Rage Spell to accomplish your objective. This spell is usually obtained at Arena 3. There are also certain cards in Clash Royale that will suit the Rage Spell perfectly. They include Archers, Giant and Meg Minion.

Use Swarms To Fight Off Big Foes

Even lower value swarms can defeat big foes if you know when and how to use them. Here is where engaging in Elixir trades will come in. You can use swarms to increase the power of Skeletons and Goblins. They can then overcome a Mini P.E.K.K.A. However, they are helpless against fireballs and arrows. But minions are also able to inflict heavy damage from the air.

Take Advantage Of The Last Minute Surge

Matches in Clash Royale are usually three minutes long. The last 60 seconds of every match is very important because it is during this last minute when the elixir is regenerated at twice its normal speed. So time your attacks during the last minute surge and the damage you will be able to inflict to your enemy will be very heavy.

You can also use this trick in Clash Royale when your score is the same as your opponent. If the tower of your enemy is already weak and you still have a fireball in your arsenal, defend your tower to the last few seconds. And then target the enemy's tower and let go of your fireball at the last second. You will be able to take down the tower of your enemy and will prevent the match from going overtime.

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