Clash Royale Latest News: Update Will Add New Arena 9, Dart Goblin; Details Revealed

A major update has been rolled out recently for Clash Royale. Its game developer, Supercell, has officially released several new contents and a new unit which will surely make avid fans of the video game happy. There will also be some new surprise cards that will be released together with the update.

The Arena 9 Is Now Available

A new arena 9 otherwise called the Jungle Arena is now available since Jan. 13, 2017. This new update of Clash Royale comes with a new troop card called the Dart Goblin. Players will now be able to fight their battles in this new arena. This arena is a new field similar to the environment of Indiana Jones.

The game developer wills also unveil three additional new cards for the Jungle Arena every two weeks. If this is true, fans of Clash Royale will be able to enjoy playing with four new cards for the next six weeks. Fans have been very appreciative of the recent actions of Supercell in fulfilling its promises to deliver more updates.

The Dart Goblin Card in Clash Royale Is Fast

Free-To-Play gamers will have an easier time of getting the usually rare Dart Goblin card of Clash Royale. This card costs a mere three elixirs. It only takes a single second to deploy and it can speed up two and a half times faster than the spear goblins. Like the Royal Giants, it has a 6.5 tile range.

This Card Is Also Very Powerful

This characteristic enables the Dart Goblin card to attack a tower within one block. As such, it can attack all kinds of defensive structures, such as an inferno tower without sustaining any damage to itself. For a card that is very cheap, it is interesting that it can inflict that kind of heavy damage.

If the Dart Goblin of Clash Royale is not destroyed in the Jungle Arena, it could inflict a 400 tower heavy damage. However, it is very vulnerable to logs. When they are hit by logs, they will sustain chip damage and compromise the structures built by the player.

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