Baltic Sea UFO Just Part Of Alien Fleet Crashed On Ocean Floor, UFO Expert Says

The Baltic Sea UFO is just the tip of the iceberg. A UFO expert claimed that the mysterious object found in the seabed of the Baltic Sea was just one of a group of UFOs that crashed on Earth. Previously some alien enthusiasts have claimed the Baltic Sea Anomaly is a flying disc UFO controlled by an extraterrestrial race.

The Baltic Sea anomaly is a rock-like formation discovered in 2011 by Swedish diving team Ocean X in the ocean floor of the northern Baltic Sea. It measures about 60 meters in diameter and has a thickness of 3-4 meters. It stands on an pillar-like structure with the height of 8 meters and is at the end of what looks like a 300-meter runway.

Some scientists are speculating that it is simply a geological formation such as a rock outcrop. However, experts tested samples recovered by divers and found metals that couldn't be naturally produced in seabeds while others also pointed out its weird circular structure. Meanwhile, a former naval officer raised speculations that the Baltic Sea anomaly is a ruin of a World War II German anti-submarine device.

Meanwhile, Swedish explorer Peter Lindberg of the Ocean X team said it is tough to give explanation of the object and scientists have many different theories. "Whatever it is, it is something we do not usually find in nature sitting in the dark cold depths of the Baltic Sea," he added according to Daily Star.

Some alien enthusiasts pointed out that the object resembles a disc UFO which triggered extraterrestrial claims. UFO expert Ryan Castledine said the anomaly might just be a part of a UFO fleet. Looking at the sonar scans, he explained that the area surrounding the Baltic Sea UFO could contain more unidentified objects.

"I feel there is visual evidence of more unusual anomalies, with unnatural shapes, accompanied by scours in the sea bed, which I feel demand further analysis," Castledine told Daily Express. He added that the diving team reported that technologies taken near the object malfunctions as if the Baltic Sea UFO emits a field that can interfere with electric equipment.

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