Pokemon GO News: What Will Come First, Breeding Or Trading? Find Out Here

Pokemon GO players are waiting what is in store for them when Valentine's Day arrives. Players are waiting for trading to come already but unfortunately, it did not arrive yet. The question is will breeding be introduced first?

Breeding Might Be Introduced In Pokemon GO

According to Inquisitr, dataminers have discovered that trading might arrive soon in Pokemon GO. However, their information were always wrong. But there is a possibility that breeding might be Niantic Lab's first priority this coming Valentine's Day.

But breeding is part of Pokemon for a while. So it might not be a surprise if it will be given importance over trading. The players are still waiting on how the former will be better than before. Niantic Lab should answer what will be seen in the game next month.

A Huge Update Might Be Coming In Pokemon GO

As per Express, Niantic Lab is requesting the players of Pokemon GO to update their mobile games to the latest version. There is a speculation that if the developer wants the players to use a newer version, then there is a big update coming.

However, the players are still forming their theories about the next update in Pokemon GO. They are waiting for shiny Pokemon, monsters with different genders and maybe they can capture Gen 2 creatures lurking in any Pokestops near them.

The players have spotted in Pokemon GO that the game will bring new functions in the game. There are new events that might be coming in the game. Lastly, players are expecting to have a better menu display that will be updated in the game.

Pokemon GO might be or might not be updated. Players have been expecting legendary Pokemon to be available and have grown grown tired of waiting for rumors to finally be true. Hopefully, Niantic Lab will be provide the necessary updates needed.

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