Pokemon GO News: What Will Happen When You Download Proximity Service

There are players who still love Pokemon GO. If they want to maximize the game, they need Proximity Service. The app will be a big help to them because it does half of the job that players have to do in order to capture Pokemon.

All About Proximity Service App For Pokemon GO

Proximity Service is the type of application that does the sensing of a nearby object in this case is a Pokemon that a players will like to capture. According to Slash Gear, the app will do the searching for the players even if the players are not looking for them.

Once the players have installed Proximity Service, their lives will be easier but how does this app really works? The players need to know that their phones will work differently from their usual behavior. This means that the screen will not turn off within a period of time.

However, the app is compatible with Android phones only. Lucky for the players with Android phones because they can use Proximity Service with Pokemon GO perfectly. On the other hand, iOS users have to wait if Proximity Service will be available for their phones.

How Can Players Operate Proximity Service In Pokemon GO?

If the players have Proximity Service in their Android phones, then all they have to do is open the app. After that, they need to open Pokemon GO. This will allow the players to do the searching of any valuable Pokemon stuff.

They can place their phones inside their pocket. They can now walk, run or roam around even if they are not holding their phones while playing Pokemon GO. One of the greatest thing about Proximity Service is that it will not drain the phones' batteries.

However, it seems that Niantic Lab is fixing a problem about Pokemon GO. As per Express, the game will stop once the load bar reaches 100 percent. The only thing unknown is that if Proximity Service can still continue to work properly if the app is updated.

Hopefully, Niantic Lab can fix the issues that players of Pokemon GO are currently facing right now. The players are really excited because the developer is rolling out new updates that make the game even better than before.

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