5 Of The Best Android Nougat Features

By Adie Pie , Jan 24, 2017 02:35 AM EST

With the introduction of Android 7.0 Nougat, Google released a series of new features that are both good for smartphones and good for their users. The new OS update from the tech company has several new inclusions that may not be obvious at first. However, taking advantage of the same will only enhance user experience.

As Computer World notes, the Overview key - the square icon next to the Home button - gained a new feature with Android Nougat. Once on an application, users can split their screen by holding and pressing on the Overview button. The other way to use the split screen feature is to just tap on the Overview key and then press and hold any app to drag it to the of the screen. To go back to regular screening, users need to only press and hold the Overview button once again.

With the most recent update of Android Nougat, users have an additional feature to clean up the home screen. By holding down on one icon, other like services will pop up and thus make it easier to access other applications. However, the 7.1 update is needed for this to be effective.

For users that use their Android for both work and fun, there is an easy way to go from one profile to the other. There is tile in Quick Settings called "Work Mode." Turning this on and off will swap profiles between work-related applications and settings to a personal profile that only houses personal applications.

C|Net adds that one neat feature is Data Server, which can save users a pretty penny when necessary. When activated, the Data Service will prevent applications from using cellular data in the background. This means that Facebook, Twitter, and other such applications will not get notifications when the network is low on data. The list of affected applications can be altered.

Users can also reply to any type of message from anywhere without leaving the present application. By simply sliding the notification down, users will be able to read and reply to messages. This feature is extended not just to Google's own messaging application but is also possible for some third party applications such as Facebook Messenger.

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