Dark Matter Hunt To Be Used With Magnet

By Rodney Rafols , Jan 24, 2017 02:32 AM EST
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Dark matter is said to hold the universe together. Dark matter though has never been directly observed by astronomers. Dark matter hunt is said to be used with magnet in order to find it more clearly.

Dark matter has been known by astronomers for some time. Dark matter though can't be seen directly, but can only be observed by how objects around it behave. Scientists from the Institute for Basic Science have created an equipment that might be able to hunt down the elusive dark matter.

The new equipment that is being tested is called the haloscope. The haloscope has a very strong magnet that could help in finding dark matter. Two such magnets are being used to find dark matter. One is a helix-shaped magnet and the other is a donut-shaped magnet.

The helix-shaped magnet is called a solenoid magnet and has been used in dark matter experiments. The donut-shaped magnet is a toroidal magnet, which IBS scientists have called the CAPPucino submarine. The toroidal magnet would be used for the haloscope being developed.

Dark matter particles have not been seen so far. Scientists only know that dark matter is around through the interaction it has with visible objects. IBS scientists have developed the haloscope to capture one of the dark matter particles known as an axion.

Scientists have thought that toroidal magnets could not be used for the haloscope. Solenoid magnets have been used in dark matter experiments so far since electromagnetic energy could be calculated using a solenoid magnet, according to the Institute for Basic Science's site. A toroidal magnet though could not be used to calculate electromagnetic energy.

However Professor Ko Byeong Rok, a scientist from IBS and author of the study, has made a study that shows otherwise. His study has found that magnetic energy and electric energy from an axion-photon interaction can be calculated using both types of magnets, as Science Daily reports. The research would continue to look into how the don't-shaped magnet could be used in a haloscope.

Hunting for dark matter is not easy since it cannot be observed directly. The dark matter hunt is to be used with a magnet. Scientists are also looking into some stars that might be taken from another galaxy.


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