Pokemon Sun And Moon Players May Get Pokemon Bank Update This Weekend

Pokemon Sun and Moon players are hopeful Nintendo will finally release the Pokemon Bank out in the game. At least this is the consensus since the developer promised a January 2017 update.

Nintendo On Pokemon Bank Update

Last September, Nintendo informed Pokemon Sun and Moon players that the Pokemon Bank update is happening this January. The month though is nearly over and no update has yet occurred. This has made players anxious as to when the developer will finally make the patch available.

About Pokemon Bank

The Pokemon Bank will allow Pokemon Sun and Moon players to transfer their pets from older Pokemon games including Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire , X and Y. Even from the VC version of Blue, Red and Yellow. The Bank can hold up to 3,000 pets per player but it requires a storage fee.

Nintendo's Silence Making Fans Edgy

It has been Nintendo's tradition of making minimum announcement regardless if it's a game feature or a new console. Unfortunately, industry observers believe that the Pokemon Company's announcement last September cause confusion to Western Pokemon Sun and Moon players.

They point out that the developer merely said that the Pokemon Bank update is coming out this January. This gave the impression that it may come out either early or mid-January. In contrast, Japanese players were informed that the Bank is available by late January, according to Polygon.

About The Game

Pokemon Sun and Moon games are the latest installments of the game series for the Nintendo 3DS. It is actually two games but one only has a day setting while the other has the night setting. It was released on November last year in celebration of the series'20th anniversary. The storyline puts trainers in the Alola region. This is where they encounter various Pokemon who have evolved differently from the rest of the world. Players also get to encounter powerful and strange Ultra Beasts.

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