The Galaxy Note 8 Is Coming, Samsung Acknowledges The Note Series' Loyal Customers

Samsung has once again confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 is coming up. It wasn't too long ago when rumors about Note cancellation has spread all over the web like wild fire, and even though the Note 8 was already mentioned in the supposed Galaxy Upgrade program in South Korea, the company hasn't really talked about the Note 7 successor in a more formal setting. Now, Samsung's CEO has officially mentioned the Galaxy Note 8 and everything seems positive at this point in time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Confirmed

DJ Koh, Samsung's CEO, has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 will be coming in, as per Android Authority. The CEO also assured that the said phablet will be safer and better than last year's Galaxy Note 7. The Note 7 fiasco may have been too big of a deal that it led to the cancellation rumors of the Note series. However, as it turns out, Samsung hears its fans' sentiments and the company knows that the Note series has a solid and loyal fan base who would be devastated if no new Note phablet comes out.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series Is Highly Patronized

As per CNET's interview with the Koh, the CEO said that through their investigative process, the company knew that their Note line has "lots and lots" of loyalists. This is clearly implied by the number

of people who decided to rebel with Samsung's recall request and keep the "dangerous" Note devices to themselves. This is kind of a big deal considering that the Note 7 phones can catch fire anytime. But despite that, there are people who wanted to keep the phones. Samsung had to release a bricking update to encourage people to participate in the recall even at the last minute.

Additionally, Samsung US' President and COO Tim Baxter also shared that 10,000 people had already signed up for updates about Samsung's future products and that there are still quite a number of Note 4 and Note 5 owners who are still looking for a good upgrade. With that info at hand, Baxter said that the fans have made it clear that "they want a Note." Needless to say, Samsung has heard its fans' remorse about the cancellation rumors and it's pretty obvious that the company knows how hard it is to find a good Note alternative. With that, the Galaxy Note 8 is official and fans can now sleep soundly knowing that the well-loved phone series won't be ruined by one phone's misfortune.

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