How The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Defy Negative Predictions

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be released by the second half of 2017. It's worth noting that this smartphone went through some cancellation rumors last year right after Note 7's demise. Nevertheless, the rumor has eventually been debunked when the said 2017 phablet was mentioned as part of the Galaxy Upgrade program. Needless to say, the Galaxy Note 8 has never been rid of its predecessor's controversial recall, but does this really forecast something negative for the 2017 phablet? There are some facts that say otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unlikely Fanaticism

As everyone may know, the Galaxy Note 7 was strongly recalled by Samsung for safety reasons. However, despite that, there were still people who did not return their Note 7 phones, forcing the company to kill the phones via an update. This pretty much sums up that the Note series is not that easy to replace, which actually forecasts something positive for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. When this phone gets released this 2017, those who weren't happy to return their Note 7 phones will have a very valid substitute for the discontinued phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Amazing Specs

The Galaxy Note 8 will be an amazing phone if rumors are true. As per The Inquirer, this phablet is expected to come with a 4K display, making it a perfect VR-ready phone. There's also news about Samsung's new AI assistant that will also make its way to the Galaxy S8 this April. The Galaxy Note 8's stylus is also expected to come with amazing improvements that will add to the phablet's overall value. It's worth noting that the Note 8's stylus is one of its most loved features since it's pretty hard to find a premium phone with a stylus that functions collaboratively with the device. With that said, it's almost sure that when the Galaxy Note 8 gets launched, the market will still embrace it as warmly as before despite the Note 7 fiasco.

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