Book Business Trips Easily And Expect Rewards With TripActions

By stphntapulao , Jan 25, 2017 07:15 PM EST

There has been a series of difficulties being experienced when one is booking for a business trip. If you are fond of doing it traditionally, the deal is that you have to book your flight, have the receipt by yourself and formally submit a letter of reimbursement to your employer. However, many admitted that there are greater and easier ways to make things simpler and not complicated.

TripAction Offers Easier And Less Stressful Business Trips

According to recent news, in order to make business trip bookings less-hassle, customers should join the travel management platform TripActions. The said company is focused on booking business trips and eventually rewarding customers who made a decision of choosing their trips wisely.

The platform would let employees be capable of booking flights, hotels and cars. The process could be done by the through desktop or iOS and Android app. Employees could either book a business or personal trip depending on how his/her employer would approve it. It could also allow customers to book a budget friendly trip that would eventually earn them helpful rewards and points.

News admitted that the company already raised $14.6 million for the official release of the said feature. Sources admitted that there have been multiple people who have used the TripActions through Beta and now it would be public.

"By 2020 438 million business trips are expected to occur, and with TripActions technology, companies can expect a modern dashboard that makes one of the most dreaded tasks in the workplace an easy, streamlined experience,"

Tips And Guides In Booking Business Trips With TripActions

On the other hand, it is advised that it would be very helpful to look for the reviews and photos before booking a hotel with TripActions. To help you better, the said company would give out establishments under "Best Orders", which are material to your company and convenience.

Also, what's good about TripActions is that it would let you pay your trip through shared company card or personal card.

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