Android vs iOS: Which Won The Battle In 2016?

The competition is fiercer than ever between the leading rivals, Apple and Google, as both launched various notable products in 2016, ruling impressively over the technology market. With continuous advancements and developing strategies, both the companies are doing its best to up its games, introducing striking new features to make products more creative which is increasing the demand as well.

According to IBTimes, it is a well-known fact that Android OS has a wide user base and hence it has a higher impact on the market with a considerably larger amount of sales than iOS. That being said, despite its exclusivity to Apple devices, iOS does not seem to make the competition any less tough.

With some remarkable new releases by both the companies lately, the question is as unresolved as ever: Android vs iOS? Introducing new emojis, greater stability and salient improved features. Google manufactured Android Nougat 7.1.1 in December. Focusing largely on innovation, creativity and giving easier access to users for different applications, the model just made communication easier.

Apple, on the other hand, got back in the game with the release of iOS 10.2 recently. The new set of emojis creatively exhibiting gender equality, the option to save the favorite camera settings and a pre-loaded TV application are the major improvements one saw in the latest version of iOS.

According to Tech Times, a boost was seen in Apple's sales as iPhone 7 touched the markets, but Google's Android still reigns in the business simply because it has a much larger user base. Though 2016 could not really declare a distinct winner, it is believed that with Apple's 10th anniversary next year, the world of technology is going to witness something brilliant. While both the companies try to get the upper hand, the public can just enjoy the new features for now.

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